The North Shore TMA has partnered with RideAmigos to bring members a comprehensive app-based interactive platform to provide customized options designed to provide choice for how you travel to/from or within our North Shore communities of Beverly, Danvers, Lynn, Peabody, and Salem.

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Connect to your perfect commute

Whether you live, work, or are visiting the North Shore area, our Commute Tracker app will help you find the best, most cost-effective, sustainable transportation option for your commute.

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With the Commute Tracker app

Commuters can:

  • Display all multi-modal commuting options based upon where you live and work
  • Find ride matches for one-time rides, reoccurring trips and vanpool opportunities
  • Identify cost savings, Co2 reduction, and reduced vehicle miles at your fingertips
  • Earn great incentive rewards through our Green to Work program for trips to/from your home/worksite using a sustainable transportation option. Download the app to automatically log your commutes or manually log trips on your personal dashboard. The choice is yours!
  • Our Guaranteed Ride Home (GRH) program with UBER will also be integrated and administered through this platform

Employers and Property Managers can:

  • Deliver commuter benefits to employees through a one-stop portal
  • Measure, quantify, and compare the impact of transportation programs and initiatives
  • Survey employees/residents
  • Assess areas for improvement/investment based on your sustainability and parking management goals
  • Download and display data in multiple formats allowing for easy incorporation into presentations