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Guaranteed Ride Home Policies


  1. The member employee/tenant must use alternative modes to commute to/from work at least two times per week to be eligible for the Guaranteed Ride Home (GRH) program.
  2. This service is for emergency use only such as: late notice of unscheduled overtime, illness at work, or if you need to leave work immediately to pick-up an ill child/elder parent for whom you are the primary care-giver.
  3. The Uber GRH service is only for emergency work to home trips. A stop is allowed to pick-up a sick family member when necessary.
  4. Eligible member employees can use the Uber GRH service up to four times per year.
  5. Employee must notify the North Shore TMA when they change companies if they wish to continue with the GRH program.
  6. The North Shore TMA GRH is a program provided only to North Shore TMA corporate member employees and North Shore TMA member developer/property management company tenant employees and residential tenants in good standing.


  1. Eligible North Shore TMA member employees/tenants must read the GRH program Terms of Use and after completing the registration form, if applicable, checking the box at the bottom of the text in order to demonstrate agreement with the same.
  2. All eligible North Shore TMA member employees/tenants who agree with the Terms of Use as indicated by checking the box at the bottom of the text who have submitted the registration form for the North Shore TMA GRH program will receive an invitation from UBER for Business with a link to join the North Shore TMA GRH program. The employee/tenant’s next step is to click the link within the UBER for Business invitation email to activate your account and download the Uber App on the applicable cell phone.
  3.  The North Shore TMA will pay for the GRH ride when used in accordance with the approved GRH policy. If the member employee/tenant does not use the service in accordance with the North Shore TMA GRH policy, the credit card information on file with Uber will be billed for the ride. A valid personal credit card must be on file with Uber at all times in order to be eligible to participate in the North Shore TMA GRH program.


For more information, please contact the TMA.